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Why You Should Have Your Home Soft Washed

Preservation Curb Appeal Healthier Environment.

Preservation-Damaging mold, algae and dirt are more costly than most people realize. It can slowly break down of the outer coating on your siding that protects your house from the elements. The root system will penetrate the protective barrier causing your siding to become brittle ultimately making it susceptible to water damage and outside forces (hail, balls, etc.). Properly maintained, vinyl siding can withstand the occasional ball or large hail crashing into it without any effects.

The occasional DIY’er will take their pressure washer and try to clean the siding themselves causing unseen damage. This is not recommended by the siding manufactures and will ultimately break down the protective barrier quicker than what they are trying to remove. Soft washing is the preferred method, utilizing environmentally safe chemicals to clean and remove the damaging contaminants.

Curb Appeal-First impressions are important. It goes without saying, if you are thinking about selling your house, a soft wash is a must. It could bring thousands of dollars to the table at closing. Nothing makes a house look more dated than mold, algae and dirt hanging on the side of it. Like it or not, it sometimes gives the impression that the people living there are unkempt. If you like to entertain regularly or plan to have friends over, a clean home will be more inviting.

Healthier Environment-Allergies, Allergies, Allergies!!! Can’t say enough about allergies. If you have mold hanging around your house then you have an environment ideal for sickness. If you find yourself getting sick easier or more often, you may want to see if you have mold hanging around. This may not be the cause of your sickness, but it could be. Every time you or your loved ones go outdoors, you will be greeted with mold spores trying to regenerate. They don’t stay outdoors either, they will work their way inside by attaching themselves to your clothing. The chemicals used in soft washing contains Sodium Hypochlorite. Sodium Hypochlorite is the active ingredient in bleach which cleans and disinfects, killing the mold and algae removing it from your homes exterior.